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sex + love podcast

Aug 30, 2017

Fascinating conversation with Chloe! She was raised in what she calls a 'Footloose' home and knew in her heart that she was going to embark on a journey to discover her sexuality. Newly married, she is trying to bring more sex into their busy lives. Please remember to listen with an open mind, little judgment, and...

Aug 23, 2017

Marriage, divorce, body image, relationships styles, and PLEASURE- Oh my! This episode is loaded with so much new learning opportunities. Rachel's self-awareness is admirable. Listen closely, she has learned how to prioritize her sexuality and pleasure in her life. Enjoy and please remember to listen with an open mind,...

Aug 16, 2017

I have often found that stints of celibacy taken in order to work on past wounds can be so healthy for you and your future relationships. Scott's celibacy period lasted 13 years. He has worked hard on himself and healed parental wounds and reentered the world of sex and relationships and found that it can be...

Aug 9, 2017

This was an exciting and informative podcast with Mary, a parent, a professionally trained dancer, and a mother of 2 teenagers. She has blended sex coaching with sex work. Sex surrogacy is illegal in most states, but can be very beneficial when working in conjunction with a therapist or sex therapist. Mary is a trained...

Aug 2, 2017

Join my for this conversation with Rain to talk about her Jehovan's Witness upbringing and how she navigated her sexuality and relationships after questioning her religious beliefs. 

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